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Mission Statement:

     I believe that when starting any project, proper planning is the best investment you can make. That is why our goal is to help clients find the best solutions for their needs by tailoring services to accommodate their budget and project scope.   Working with a design professional saves time and money.

A Word from the Designer

     Working closely with clients helps to ensure no detail is overlooked. We pride ourselves on giving the customer great design while remaining budget conscience. "I like the hands on approach." Working closely with the client allows me to better understand their needs and wants, enabling me to give them the best service and design. Each project is about achieving the best overall solution for the job. Often this requires finding a balance between function, design, needs, wants and budget. I work very hard to achieve this.



"Why use a Design Professional"

Working with a design professional saves you time and money. The knowledge and resources a designer offers will prevent costly errors, missteps and help you stretch your project dollars.

  • Help plan for existing & future needs
  • Make suggestions that  may not have been considered
  • Give pros and cons
  • Give 3rd party viewpoint
  • Coordinate selections
  • To be a liaison between client & builder & other contractors
  • Keep project within budget
  • Up on industries standards and new products   
  • Years of training & experience
  • Help avoid costly mistakes


Victoria Markuson, owner and designer, has been serving clients for more than 17 years. With a degree in Interior Design, she has worked in many areas of the field, from custom cabinetry to paint and wallpaper, from residential home design to commercial space planning and drafting.